Social Media Management

Project Description

We support MyGovinda’s with their social account management as well as producing quality video content. This has helped them to achieve higher engagement as well as capitalize on the video content boom. We are also heavily involved in influencer marketing, print designs, SEO and GMB.

Project Details

  • ClientMy Govinda's
  • TechnologyNovember 2001
  • DateSocial Media Management
  • 1

Online marketing to enhance the brand’s presence in the UAE

Social Media Management : MyGovinda’s

Our team is dedicated to creating compelling, relevant & trendy content that resonates with their target audience. Leveraging our extensive network, we collaborate them with the top influencers in the UAE. We work closely with their staff on a daily basis to develop offline creatives and provide support for both offline and online activities. Additionally, we manage paid advertising campaigns to further promote their brand and offerings.

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