Honey Twigs

Social Media Management | Influencer Marketing


Founded in 2015, Honey Twigs is a distinguished F&B brand specializing in nutritious, natural honey, thoughtfully packaged in convenient single-serve twigs. 

How we helped

Since the launch of Honey Twigs in the GCC, we’ve been the driving force behind their social media presence. Our comprehensive services, spanning strategy, content creation, dynamic product/video shoots, and influencer management, have driven Honey Twigs to new heights. 

Additionally, we have executed numerous influencer collaborations, strategically timed for launches, special seasons, and more. These collaborations have not only amplified brand visibility but also garnered over 124K views on the reel, contributing to the brand’s extensive reach and engagement. 

Before / After

Industry: F&B 

Services Provided

  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Meta Ads
  • Video Curation